The following productions have been staged here by our resident Theatre Company




Delicious Divas

February 2014

Performed at Stageworx Theatre


Julia Roper, Alice Bottomley, Carly Daley, Jennifer Biggs, Cecile Caminelle, Trish Carr

Directed by : Julia Roper and Trish Carr

Musical Director: Craig MInty

A Good Man

Australian Premier

by Frederick Stroppel

August 2014


Jennifer Mettner, Nicholas Ryan, Karen Shnider, Robert Ruscitti, Melissa Nolan ,Alison Nichol,  James Robertson, Colin Sephton

Director: Trish Carr

One Slight Hitch

Victorian Premier

by Lewis Black

May 2015

Cast: Karen Shnider, Nicholas Ryan, Kate Halliday, Melissa Nolan, Rhiannan Tones, Andrew Georgesz, James Wilson

Director: Trish Carr

First Date the Musical

Australian Premier

Book: Austin Winsberg

Lyrics & Music: Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner

October 2015

Have You Seen It presented the Australian Premiere of this new Broadway musical to rave reviews.


Gina Mets as Casey

Luke Peverelle as Aaron

Melissa Nolan as Lauren

Sasha Hennequin as Alison

Andrew Head as The Waiter

Wade Robinson as Reggie

Andrew Georgesz as Gabe

Director: Trish Carr

Musical Director: Andrew Houston

Choreographer; Kim Annette

Killjoy - by Jerry Mayer

September 2016


Carol - Tabitha Veness

Victor - Garry Bertrand

Rick - Michael Fenemore

Claudia - Emily Hatton

Sonny - Dean Mitrousis

Vicki - Ashleigh Boyce

Director: Trish Carr

Audio/Lighting:  Les Marton

Stage Manager: Trevor Georgesz